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editor.dev Connector

Provides an API server for the editor to connect to and request project files and perform operations.

See the docs or typescript docs.

Main build


To use editor.dev with your local project run the following in your project directory (does not need to be added to your node dependencies):

# Requires Node 14+.
npx @blinkk/editor.dev


The editor server is built for production using a Docker image and Google Cloud Run.

Every commit to main builds the docker image with a :main tag and updates the cloud run image for api.beta.editor.dev. Every tag builds the docker image with a version tag (ex: v1.0.5) and the :latest tag then updates the cloud run image for api.editor.dev.

If there is an issue with the latest release for the prod api you can roll back to an earlier version.

To switch the production deployment run make deploy-prod tag=<VERSION> where <VERSION> is the desired version to roll back to. For example: make deploy-prod tag=v1.0.5.


To develop on the editor server for local projects, run the following command:

# ex: yarn run local --server http://localhost:8787/ ~/code/project
yarn run local --server <preview_server_url> <project_dir>

The local preview server url should point to a locally running development server (ex: npx @amagaki/amagaki serve --port 8787).

If you are developing the hosted version of the server (that provides access to github, etc) then run the following command:

yarn run hosted

Note: Developing for the hosted version requires private keys to be able to communicate with GitHub as the app and are not available to non-core developers.

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