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editor.dev UI

Provides a rich UI for editing structured data with live previews.

See the docs, typescript docs, or example of the UI.

Main build


To start using, visit editor.dev and choose between editing against a local project or a GitHub hosted project.


To start developing on the editor UI run the following:

yarn install
yarn run example

Then visit https://localhost:8888/ to iterate and improve the editor UI.

editor.dev UI server

The editor UI server is used to deploy the editor UI to the bet and live environments. It contains logic for connecting to different editor connectors (such as GitHub and local) and loads in the specialized fields (such as for Grow or Amagaki sites) as needed.

To develop the hosted project locally:

# Need to build the static files for the site.
cd website/
yarn run build
cd ..

# Run the hosted node server.
yarn run hosted

Then visit https://localhost:8080/ to iterate and improve.

If you are developing on the editor app UI only, use the yarn run example command from above instead.


The editor is built for production using a Docker image and Google Cloud Run.

Every commit to main builds the docker image with a :main tag and updates the cloud run image for beta.editor.dev. Every tag builds the docker image with a version tag (ex: v1.0.5) and the :latest tag then updates the cloud run image for editor.dev.

To switch the production deployment run make deploy-prod tag=<VERSION> where <VERSION> is the desired version to roll back to. For example: make deploy-prod tag=v1.0.5.

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